Whitney houston and jermaine jackson dating

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The album earned her four Grammy nominations, and a win for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “Saving All My Love For You” at the 1986 Grammy Awards.

Jones entered the suite, and when she walked into the bathroom she found Whitney facedown in a foot of water in the tub.

Long before the guys became a national sensation as the Jackson 5, their calling card was precise choreography inspired by their idols, Jackie Wilson and James Brown.

I can still see my father standing in the living room, whip in hand. Sometimes after Joseph had attacked one of the guys, leaving him gasping for breath and doubled over in pain, Mother cried, “It’s not worth it, Joe! The boys don’t have to be singers.” But Joseph never answered. Because eight year old Marlon had a hard time learning the choreography, he suffered many beatings.

It was rumored that Houston once dated the Jackson 5 star, Jermaine Jackson.

In 1989, Whitney met Bobby Brown at a music awards show, and they married in 1992. Bobby and Whitney famously had a tumultuous 15-year relationship.

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