Dating motorcycle tyres

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Tire rubber is a complex compound blended with additives and modifiers to give the tire a desired mix of properties like grip, flexibility, compliance, comfort, stability and so on.Over time, some of these additives will evaporate from the tire surface, and the cross-linking in the compound will oxidize and break down.The first two of these four numbers identify the week of manufacture (which range from "01" to "53").The last two numbers identify the year of manufacture (e.g., a tire with the information "DOT XXXXXXX2714” was manufactured in the 27th week of 2014).These numbers represent the week number and year, so 3410 will be week 34, 2010.Use that information to make sure you're buying tyres with the longest shelf life possible.As classic bikers ourselves, we understand what you need, and we pride ourselves on the personal service that we are able to offer our customers.

Also, during the early 1990’s, Continental added a triangle (◄) to the end of the character string to distinguish a tire built in the 1990’s from previous decades (e.g., a tire with the information "DOT XXXXXXX274◄” was manufactured in the 27th week of 1994).The British Grand Prix was held here in the late 50s and 60s.Motor Cycle racing also took place in the 50s with many motor cycle legends racing here.Infrequent use or poor storage can accelerate the ageing process and make tyres unroadworthy.Low mileage, older cars tend to be most at risk from premature ageing." The date your tyres were made will be on the sidewall in the form of four numbers usually preceded by the letters DOT.

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