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She'll get straight A's, no sweat, and she's always around to help you out if you need it.

Of course, when the lizard saw himself in the mirror he held up the piece of skin.

and has said that she prefers to work in theatre: "I love working on Taggart.

I like my character and I like all the people I work with.

She's ambitious and aspires high, but she'll always be there for you if you need someone to lean on.

Brooke's the girl in the back desk, with her head bent over her notebook as she scribbles down notes, but she's also the girl no guy in his right mind can keep his eyes off of, the girl sprinting across the finish line to the screams of her fans, the girl who stops in the middle of a crowded hallway to help you pick up your dropped books, and the girl who can always find something to laugh about.

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