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Moving in I knew it was a crappy neighborhood, but you are charged like you live in seven hills. Do yourself a favor and make sure no one rents here.You have to pay an HOA fee (Yes, really) and CAM fee (I don't know what that is), a PDL fee, Carport parking fee, maintenance fee (who barely work), concession fee, WST, and rent. They are slum lords and as soon as I can find a way to prosecute (Clark county protects these type of savages) I will. I pray that you heed the advise of everyone on this post when we say that it is a horrible place to live. Apartments are disgusting, and it's absolutely the worst apartment I ever been in, in my life.Wednesday outside a home on the 200 block of Southwest Sixth Street, Boynton Beach police spokeswoman Stephanie...A man is facing charges involving first-degree murder after a fatal shooting early Sunday outside Las Flores restaurant in Lake Worth, CBS12 is reporting.Blvd., for a domestic disturbance, said Major Spencer Rozier. Suspects in a shooting outside a Boynton Beach home that left a man critically wounded took off in a car, police said.Witnesses told officers that Jacob Mc Vey, 24, was shot about 8 p.m.An infant has been hospitalized after being rescued along with two siblings from a burning apartment in Riviera Beach, police said.Riviera Beach police were called to the Stonybrook Apartments, 1555 Martin Luther King Jr.

Everyone's heard of medication that can improve your sex life (hello, Viagra! If you're feeling less than interested in having sex, the culprit might be in your medicine cabinet.Some actors really give a job their all and fully commit.We’re talking full penetration of the heart and mind. Because we’ve rounded up ten films that weren’t interested in silly dry humping, they wanted serious sex. These actors (and directors) went balls to the wall, literally, and captured actors having real sex on camera."Communication is key," says Raymond Hobbs, MD, a senior staff physician in the department of internal medicine at Henry Ford Hospital in 15 Everyday Habits to Boost Your Libido Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors Depression is a well known libido killer, but so are some antidepressants.

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