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WTA offers skill development programs for school children for goal setting and focusing, attitude, confidence building, personality development and so on. MUMBAI; Colors Bangla will air a new celebrity chat show ‘Golmaal Express’ from 2 July at 5.30 pm.In an age when every drop of juice has been squeezed out of stars on the promotional merry-go-round, there is no point in Carr attempting a Paxman.I'd far rather see the bespectacled standup star sitting and chin-wagging with David Walliams about how he is going to spend Christmas than watch the contrived sobfest that is Piers Morgan's Life Stories.‘Golmaal Express’ blends family entertainment with gossip, singing, pranks and a whole lot more within the confines of a car.Radio Mirchi’s popular RJ Somak Ghosh will play host to an array of guests ranging from musicians to actors, directors to anchors. Indistinguishable rap music diffuses for a cool six seconds before a woman emerges from the room’s navel, in a lime green blazer bisected by a hunter green belt. Ombré fades, skewered septa and birkenstocks abound.

Carr's show might be unashamedly surface, but what a funny surface.

Tonight sees the start of the fifth – yes, the fifth – series of Channel 4's Alan Carr: Chatty Man; the innuendo-filled talkshow that slipped so snugly into the gap left by Graham Norton that it has never really made a major broadcasting impact of its own.

But this frothy, frivolous production feels to me like exactly the right chatshow for now.

Colors Bangla and Colors Odia business head Rahul Chakravarti said, “At Colors Bangla we are always open to experimenting with innovative concepts as we believe that variety in content is the need of the hour.

‘Golmaal Express’ is a one of a kind celebrity chat-cum-experiential show that promises to make for an interesting proposition for our viewers who are looking for differentiated content.

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