Updating site content type failed infopath

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Also note that v2.8 (or later) provides the best install experience on 2010 More details (taken from readme) Reparenting of objects such as webs and lists is possible with the following usage on the import: - enter the URL for the target web in the ' Import web URL' textbox - ensure ' Retain object IDs and locations' is not checked The Content Migration API (PRIME) is used to package the content as a file, which can be copied to another server for import.The application MUST be run from the Share Point server(s), and MUST be run under the context of an account which has appropriate Share Point permissions - currently the way to specify an alternative user to the currently-logged on user is by using the ' Run as..' feature in Windows 2003 (right-click on the and select ' Run as..').A timer job contains a definition of the service to run and specifies how frequently the service is started.The Share Point Timer service (SPTimerv4) runs timer jobs.Project Description This tool is for moving content in *Share Point 2007/2010/2013* - within an environment (or across similar envs). As discussed above, this tool is NOT an upgrade tool. The Share Point Content Deployment Wizard provides the means to deploy the following content: - site collections - webs - lists - folders - list items (including files/documents) Content is exported using the Content Migration API as a file The two screenshots which probably illustrate the concept of the tool best are: N. The import operation overwrites your site data, always take a backup before importing.

Recurring Schedule: Monthly Job Title: Cell Storage Data Cleanup Timer Job Job Description: Deletes temporary cell storage data and frees SQL Server disk space.

Recurring Schedule: Weekly Job Title: Delete Job History Job Description: Deletes old entries from the timer job history.

Recurring Schedule: Weekly Job Title: Disk Quota Warning Job Description: Looks for sites that have exceeded the storage quota.

Visit the site in a browser and REALLY read those error logs, this can help you spot the problem with you code (usually conflicting logic problems with the model).

In my case, the code compiled fine, same login problem, while I was still downloading management studio, I went through the error log, fixed my db context constraints and site started running fine....meanwhile management studio is still downloading The solution is laid in the following steps.

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