Unspoken rules of dating

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We just thought it would be nice to help some guys out!Also keep in mind that all girls are different, very different, but for the most part these are rules you can follow for the average girl.Most of the time, whoever made the first move and chose where the date would take place would do the picking up.

Now these bits of advice are generally speaking, not about anyone in particular.For women who say they don’t believe in this rule, have you been on a date where the guy passes the cheque to you? Don’t add each other on social media on the first date: You’ll be tagged a stalker if you do that. You guys just met, you might have clicked and enjoyed each other’s company, so why not add each other on social media? Dates mean fancy places: Movies are to be blamed for this.And if you have, did you go back on a date with him? And even if you don’t add them, aren’t you going to check out their profile or handle anyway? They paint a picture of this perfect date with champagne and candle lights and then everyone defines a date with that picture.After discussing, we talked about how we wished guys would know how to handle situations better.If you’re interested in a girl there are certain unwritten rules.

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