Auckland chat lines

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Reporting problems with railway crossings For problems with railway crossings (e.g.barrier arms, bells or lights at crossings not working correctly), please call Kiwi Rail directly on 0800 808 400.Call (or use 0800 103 080 if within Auckland calling areas of Warkworth, Helensville, Hibiscus Coast, Great Barrier or Pukekohe). Lost property on public transport If you have lost an item on a public transport service, you will need to contact the transport operator of the service you caught directly.If you find something on a bus, train, or ferry, hand it to the driver, conductor or crew member as soon as possible.That might mean taking medication, going to talking therapy or referring you to someone else who has specialist knowledge.

TELEPO is APP based, with a desk phone…if you want one.

The first health professional you see might not be right. If you don’t like their answer, or if you’re not happy after the first session, you don’t have to stay with them.

When you first talk to a health professional, it can be useful to ask, “How can you help me? Even though it’s hard to have to start again, it’s worth it to find someone who you feel comfortable with.

There are different kinds of mental health professionals. You’ll want to think about which one feels right for you.

Not everyone is right for you, and it’s important to get the right fit.

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